Frequently Asked Questions

What difference would a €20 donation made?

All donations matter and are very much appreciated.  Your donation will contribute to the work of international aid agencies in Ukraine and the surrounding borders provide medical assistance, shelter, food and crisis aid.  It will also contribute to helping people from Ukraine arriving in Ireland, who will need urgent help in finding accommodation, trauma supports and other essential needs.

How much of the money I donate goes to the charities?

100% of the monies raised will be distributed to the international aid agencies, and the Irish grant recipients.

Where is the money going?

The money will be received by The Community Foundation for Ireland. 50% of the money is being divided among a range of Irish international aid agencies (Irish Red Cross, UNICEF Ireland, Concern Worldwide and Trócaire).  For more details see here: Help Ukraine on the ground – Ireland for Ukraine. The other 50%  will be made available as grants to charities and agencies in Ireland who will be working to help people from Ukraine who have come to Ireland with a range of urgent and essential needs. Help Ukranian Refugees in Ireland – Ireland for Ukraine

Why the 50:50 split in funding?

The 50:50 split is a recognition that the need remains great on the ground in Ukraine and bordering countries, and also that the needs of an estimated 200,000 people coming to Ireland must also be addressed

What’s the maximum I can donate?

There is no maximum level of donation.  If you would like to speak with someone about making a large philanthropic donation to the campaign, please contact John Sansome ( at The Community Foundation for Ireland.Answer 4

Can I make a corporate donation?  

Yes, companies can donate via the website or by the Revolut app.  Alternatively if you would like to speak to someone about a corporate partnership please contact John Sansome ( at The Community Foundation for Ireland.

Can I get tax relief from my donation? 

If you would like your Ireland for Ukraine donation to benefit from tax relief, please email

Who is CFI?

The Community Foundation for Ireland, a registered charity with more than 22 years of experience in the voluntary, community and charitable sector (Charity No: CHY 13967, Charities Regulator Number:20044886). During that period, it has provided almost €100 Million in grants responding to challenges facing communities.

The Community Foundation meets all the requirements of the Charity Regulator as well as the Revenue Commissioners. Its Governance and Policies are publicly available at The Community Foundation

Why did you pick these particular charities?

The ambition of Ireland for Ukraine is to be effective with donations as possible, recognising that the people of Ukraine will be facing urgent needs as they flee from the conflict, and as they seek refuge in Ireland.  This creates a way of donating that will help both of these causes.  It is hoped that this approach will enable a broad cross section of charities in helping the people from Ukraine with a diverse range of needs.

Why are Irish media organisations doing this?

Millions of lives in Ukraine are being torn apart by violence and destruction. There is an urgent need to provide emergency aid there. 

And as thousands of refugees make their way to Ireland, they also need urgent support in terms of shelter and essential needs here.

The Irish public are renowned for their generosity in times of great need. But with so many competing voices and information sources, it can be hard to identify how best to help. Ireland for Ukraine is a collective effort to raise funds and deliver them where they can have the biggest impact. Because by working together, we can do more.   More details are available here: What is Ireland for Ukraine? – Ireland for Ukraine

How does it work?

From digital to print, radio to TV, media outlets have come together to raise awareness of the Ireland for Ukraine campaign. Our role is to ensure that members of the public who want to help Ukraine can do so knowing that their donation is secure, accountable and making a real difference. 

All donations go into an account managed by the Community Foundation for Ireland, which has been working for 21 years to ensure that charitable donations are having a real impact. The Community Foundation will distribute all funds raised to a coalition of charities working to help those affected by the war in Ukraine. So that you can give secure in the knowledge that your donation is helping those who need it most.

What do I do if I have a problem with my payment?

Please contact John Sansome ( at The Community Foundation for Ireland.

An organisation I know of is working with people from Ukraine. Can we apply for a grant?

We expect that a wide range of registered charities and established community groups will be eligible for support through the fund.  The Community Foundation for Ireland has experience of partnering with organisations of all sizes. Over the past 22 years it has built up a network of 5,000 partner organisations – a network which continues to grow.

The Foundation will be inviting grant applications through an open process.

Criteria are being developed and will be published shortly The Community Foundation