The Ireland for Ukraine campaign is no longer open for public donation. The campaign raised over €5.6m over the past twelve months in support of Irish emergency aid agencies, and local charities and organisations providing assistance to incoming refugees. For more details as to the how the funds raised helped, please see here

Ireland for Ukraine was a united response from a cross section of Irish media organisations to harness the power of the media’s collective reach and the generosity of the Irish people to victims of the conflict in Ukraine.

Started by Irish media organisations in response to the humanitarian crisis, the fund rallied support from local clubs, schools and communities, including a €5m donation from Government. Emergency aid was delivered with the help of our four nominated charity partners (see below). Shining a light on the impact to people fleeing Ukraine and arriving in Ireland was central to the media partnership. The combined funds raised were used to meet basic needs including food, shelter and clothing (see below).

Thank you to everyone who supported this campaign.

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